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Sara1In March, Hall specialized services libraries replenished with new equipment: acquired reading machine SARA CE (the version with the camera). This device for scanning books and printed material with the function of speech synthesis in English, Russian, and others. Languages. SARA CE is easy to use, and after a little training and librarians, and visitors to the Hall (11 users) quickly mastered this machine. By reading the car turning blind and visually impaired users because SARA CE not only read, but also increases the size of the text font to a comfortable viewing visually impaired person.



One of the first members of the Hall of specialized services became totally blind Andrey Kuznetsov. A psychologist by training, Andrew went to the library every day and enjoyed the audio resources on psychology. In February 2015 Andrew Hall organized on the basis of psychological support service. For advice to Andrew pulled the young people with special needs: visually impaired (blind), people with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome ... According to Andrew, he is trying to help people with limited health to understand themselves, their capabilities and skills, raise self-esteem. Andrew is open and available for communication every weekday from 10.00 to 16.00. Please! Information by tel .: 261-333.
December 24 library tour visited by members of the East Kazakhstan branch of the Kazakh Society for the Blind.
December 13th, we presented the project "Accessibility Library" hard of hearing and deaf college student service sector. The group was accompanied by the future head of computer operators and audiologist.
During the presentation the guests had a detailed tour of the library. Get acquainted with the resources and services, we talked about what has been done in the library to serve people with different capabilities. A lot has already been done: build a ramp, set the call button, passenger elevator, created special toilet cabins, acquired FM-system for the hearing impaired. Already on the way to the library and read videouvelichitel machine.
In the Hall of specialized services people with disabilities receive the opportunity to learn English. For them, running a computer classroom with special programs, purchased e-book reader and audio books, organizes information services, including online. It provides consulting services of a psychologist and a lawyer. Creative activities are conducted "School Masters": modeling clay / plasticine, birch bark weaving, crafts made of felt, painting ...
Everything here - the reading and communication, search of friends and like-minded, self-expression and self-realization. Welcome!

P.S. Caution Formation of new groups in the computer and language courses. Coordinator Nurgul Kudaibergenova, tel .: 26-13-33.

December 11th, we conducted a survey in the office of the East Kazakhstan branch of the Kazakh Society for the Blind. The aim of the survey was to identify the needs of people with vision problems. In particular, in the questionnaire were the following questions: What are the courses / trenigi you want to go to the library? What library circles / clubs you are interested in? Have you experienced difficulties when moving around the city? etc. The survey helped us:
- Outline the themes of courses and training for visually impaired people;
- To think about expanding the range of services for this category of our customers;
- To identify their expectations from visiting the library.
We will try to accommodate all requests of our respondents and make their stay in the library as useful, comfortable and interesting.

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On November 26 the orientation meeting of the participants of the project "barrier-free library." The team included experts from almost all of the libraries: librarians, bibliographers, specialists in public relations, the staff of the International Resource Centre and the Centre for Information and Communication Technologies.
We discussed the activities of the project on the socialization of people with vision problems and outlined the terms of their performance, developed a plan for implementing the scheme 5 w + h: what, who, when, where, why and how? (What, who, when, where, why and how?).
Peter Durnovo, a member of the International Resource Centre, told us about the experience of library services for people with special needs in foreign libraries. He demonstrated a compilation video of various devices for the blind and visually impaired users. In particular, we have learned how a new generation of videouvelichiteley and reading machines. We met with some programs adapted for visually impaired people.
Targets are set, targets are set! We will work and try to Pushkin Library became a place of rehabilitation and integration of people with special needs, the center of communication between people and with others.



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