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We are learning the Kazakh language

"Arnau" - the center of language culture -
Learning Kazakh: easy and affordable -
Kazakh-Russian-Kazakh Dictionary online - It implemented a two-way transfer. Virtual Keyboard allows you to enter specific letters of Kazakh language. Over the dictionary database are professional linguists, philologists.
Portal of the Official Language of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Category "Language services" includes: Large Kazakh-Russian-English dictionary offers translation of words in any direction within the framework of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Consumer terminological dictionaries. Tests.
Presidential Foundation of State Language Development -
The "people of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh language" - an electronic library for those who mastered the Kazakh language - The site for those wishing to explore the Kazakh via the Internet. The largest collection of texts (literary and adapted).
The system of assessing the level of the Kazakh language - KAZTEST -
"Soile": Online course of Kazakh language -
"Soil": Russian-Kazakh, Kazakh-Russian translator on-line -
Limited Liability Company "Kazakh Soft" ("Kazakh Soft") - The main activity of the company is the development, sale, implementation and support of automated information systems. The company has a number of ready-made software products of its own design, such as the "system of distance learning the Kazakh language", "Russian-Kazakh dictionary." The system of "Kazakh language" developed a unique technology and is designed for the remote training of employees of the organization (and its affiliates), the Kazakh language. The software product includes: basic course of Kazakh language for beginners course of Kazakh language for advanced, situational dialogues in the Kazakh language, exercises, tests and pronunciation for the independent study of the Kazakh language.
Development Fund of the Kazakh culture and language "Abyroi" - Learn Kazakh easily. Developers are confident educational complex of new generation. On the website you can find information about the news of culture and education, customs and traditions of Kazakh people and see the poster of theaters of the country. It also describes the educational complex "Kazakh tili", which, according to developers, will be a breakthrough in the study of the Kazakh language. The new system is based on European standards, which promotes fast mastering any language.
Management on development of languages ​​of the East Kazakhstan region - The site offers the necessary materials for the accelerated study of the Kazakh language: electronic textbooks, dictionaries and so universal. D.
The lessons of the Kazakh language Tіlashar - A large selection of television programs, to facilitate the study of the Kazakh language and culture. There is a Russian-Kazakh and Russian-Kazakh dictionary of Kazakh language lessons.



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